A Year in Felt – Week 27 & 28

I seem to be having trouble keeping my timelines. Summer is always busy, but this year it seems to be extra busy. Between farming, fixing fences, marketing, making, shows, and paid work my time is precious and floggings hard to fit in there easily.Better late than never I suppose!

So this week I have  slippers, two different pairs. I made slippers a few years back and didn’t like the process too much. I thought I should revisit slippers as I like wearing slippers, and people have been asking me to make them.

The wool I used was from our sheep, some finn/gotland, some shetland/romney, some shetland/bfl. What is really interesting about different wools is the difference in felting ability and in shrinkage, and the ability for the felt to form a “skin”. The best I have seen so far for shrinking and skinning is the finn. The felt it forms is hard (for felt) , strong, and can be very structural, not to mention it felts quite quickly.  The shetland/bfl comes in a close second. The shetland/romney felts, but it takes much longer, doesn’t’ form a skin, and isn’t as structural. Having said that, I have been told that the romney would make a beautiful yarn. I guess I’ll have to learn to spin.

The slippers were fulled quite a bit. They are a size 8.5 or so.
The slippers were fulled quite a bit. They are a size 8.5 or so. The slippers are made together at the same time. The middle section was cut out and will be used as detailing elsewhere. This is to help make sure both slippers are the same.
First pair of slippers. This is finn (white) with a gradation of shetland/romney (black) to the sole. Around the opening I have added some stitching as a detail.


Shetland/bfl (brown) and finn (white) with a little collar that stitching was added to for fun. these remind me of fairy slippers.